Evernew - Ti U.L. Pot 600 + 900 ml

Ideal combination with a 900 and 600ml ultralight pan set. Two super lightweight titanium pans with lids


Evernew - Titanium Cup 570FD lid

Lid for a 570ml evernew cup


Evernew - Titanium alcohol stove

The Evernew alcohol stove is the Japanese version of the well-known Trangia stove.


TOAKS - Titanium Short Handle Spoon

Although long spoons are ideal for eating from (freeze-dried) food bags, sometimes you also need a smaller spoon. For example for your coffee or breakfast. Then this Toaks titanium short handle spoon is the ideal spoon for this kind of thing. Super light (just 10 grams), durable and will last a lifetime!


TOAKS - Titanium Long Handle Spork of Spoon met Polished Bowl

With the long handle of this Toaks titanium long handle spork (fork, spoon) or spoon (spoon), you can easily reach the bottom of the largest food bag or in a deep pan. The polished head feels much nicer than a regular rougher titanium spoon and also looks very cool!

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TOAKS - Titanium 450ml Cup

Bringing an extra cup with your cooking set is sometimes very useful. That is why there is the Toaks titanium 450ml cup, with its compact dimensions it easily fits in, for example, a large Toaks 750ml, 650ml pan or a Woodstove. You can of course also use this 450ml as a super lightweight saucepan to […]


TOAKS Titanium 900ml D130mm Pot

Looking for a slightly larger pan for on the go? The Toaks titanium 900ml pan with a diameter of 13cm gives you just a little more options to prepare a meal on the go.


TOAKS - Light Titanium 550ml Pot (Ultralight Version)

The Toaks 550ml titanium pot is a super light pan for the bikepacker (or hiker) who does not want to carry too much weight.


TOAKS - 750ML Titanium Pot (the classic titanium cooking cup pan)

Anyone looking for titanium pots or pans will certainly come across the Toaks 750ml titanium pot / pan. It is one of the most widely used and versatile titanium pans on the market. Low weight, super solid, transmits heat well, durable and a perfect size. You can prepare a meal in the 750ml version, but you can also simply boil water for a cup of coffee, tea or your food bag. The included lid ensures that no heat escapes and the contents boil quickly.


TOAKS - Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove - spiritus brander

The Toaks titanium siphon alcohol stove is a super light and sturdy spirit burner that is very simple to use and reliable to use. Simply fill the burner with spirit (we recommend bio-ethanol from Action or Welkoop, cheap, lots of heat and little soot formation) and light the spirit (nice and easy with a small mini bic or firesteel). The Toaks burner will catch fire almost immediately and the heat will cause the "jets" (siphons) to do their work. The alcohol is sucked in through the small tunnels on the side of the burner and provides extra targeted heat to heat the pan faster.


TOAKS - Light Titanium 700ml D115mm Pot (ultralight version)

Specifications: Material: Titanium Weight: Pot only: 2.3oz (65g) Pot with lid: 3.2oz (90g) Capacity: 23.7 oz (700ml) Dimensions: 4 1/2″ (115mm) (Dia) x 2 3/4″ (72mm) (H) Origin: China Notes: This ultralight pot is made of thin titanium material of 0.3mm thickness. It comes with a lid with lockable grip and a mesh sack. TOAKS […]


TOAKS - Light Titanium 650ml Pot (ultralight version)

Super light yet a durable and solid cooking pan. The Toaks 650ml is an ideal size for every solo bikepacker.


Vargo Hexagon wood stove

On the road and not dependent on fuel you bring with you, then the Vargo hexagon wood stove / wood burner is a wonderful solution. The Hexagon wood stove is available in a solid stainless steel (SS) and a super light titanium version.

2 variations available


TOAKS - Titanium 375ml Cup

If you are looking for a smaller cup for your cooking set or if you just want an ultra minimalist cooking set to heat water, then the Toaks 375ml cup – cup is a perfect option for you. Made of durable titanium without coating, this cup will last the rest of your life. Very lightweight, […]


TOAKS - Titanium Spork

A must-have for your bikepacking or outdoor trips where you eat something along the way: the Toaks titanium spork. Light weight, durable and multifunctional


TOAKS - Titanium 3-piece cutlery set

A complete 3-piece set in titanium, which is an asset to any camping equipment. Fork, spoon and knife are made of indestructible titanium.


Toaks Titanium V-shape stake - 6 stuks

If you are looking for a sturdy, but lightweight set of pegs, then the Toaks V-shaped pegs are ideal for you. The hardened titanium pegs have a V-shape for good grip on different surfaces, such as sand and forest floors, but are strong enough for rocky surfaces.The pegs are supplied in a set of 6 […]


TOAKS - Double Wall 370ml Cup Titanium

Ideal for keeping your coffee, tea or other drink warm for a little longer, this double-walled insulated cup from Toaks: the Toaks Double Wall 370ml cup


Toaks Titanium peg - Hook Peg - 6 pieces

Super simple, super light, super sturdy, these Toaks Hook pegs.


TOAKS - Titanium Foldable Spork

The Toaks titanium fodable spork,is a titanium spork, with a folding handle, super light (just 18 grams), nicely compact (95mm folded) and with a polished head


TOAKS - Titanium Foldable Spoon - lepel

The Toaks titanium fodable spoon,is a titanium spoon, with a folding handle, super light (just 18 grams), nicely compact (95mm folded) and with a polished head


MSR - Titan Kettle - 900ml

The MSR Titan Kettle 900ml is perfect as a pan or kettle for anyone who wants a good, sturdy, but lightweight pan from the trusted MSR brand.


MSR - Titan Kettle - 1400ml

The MSR Titan Kettle 1400ml is perfect as a double or large pan or kettle for anyone who wants a good, sturdy, but lightweight pan from the trusted MSR brand.


Vesuv - titanium hook tent pegs - 6 pegs

Nice and light and nice and sturdy, these ultra-light titanium pegs from Vesuv. Ideal for standard lawns in the Netherlands, but also in other hard surfaces (not rocks of course). What else can we say about them: they weigh approximately 5.5 grams per herring, have a diameter of 3 mm and are 155 mm long.


Vargo - Dig Tool (titanium shovel or herring)

The Vargo Dig tool is one of those handy accessories that you can sometimes just need during your bikepacking trips. Use as a scoop or tent herring


Vargo - Triad - titanium spirit brander

The Vargo Triad remains our favorite all-in-1 spirit burner. Super light and strong because it is made of ultralight, high-quality titanium. Nice small pack size and the folding legs that keep the burner off the ground and serve as pot stands, make this a perfect solution for the bikepacker who occasionally wants to warm up or make a cup of coffee on the go.


Vargo 'BOT' Bottle Pot Titan 1L

Luxury, more luxurious, super deluxe: the Vargo BOT is the most luxurious and versatile titanium pan, cup, pot, storage, lockable titanium pan with lid available. So no longer take a drinking bottle and pot with you, but use the Vargo BOT in which they are combined. The 'bot' is a comfortable and liquid-tight drinking bottle or pan with a screw cap.

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