Lightweight and ultralight cooking kits, burners, pans, cups and windbreaks. Cooking can be done on traditional with a gas can with burner, super lightweight with alcohol (*with a wonderfully quiet spirit burner) or on ubiquitous gasoline burners. And, of course, don’t forget the traditional wood fire. That of course includes lightweight titanium and aluminum pans. Not to mention single or extra cups and cutlery.


MSR IsoPro - gas bottle - canister - canister

MSR IsoPro gas canisters contain a mixture of 80% isobutane and 20% propane. This mixture burns warmer and cleaner than comparable gas bottles and maintains excellent pressure during use, even at lower temperatures. Bikepackingshop sells these MSR gas canisters in two different sizes, a 110 gram version and a slightly larger 227 gram version.

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Platypus foldable water bottle - bottle - water bag 1 liter

With this lightweight and foldable 1 liter water bottle from Platypus you can easily take enough water with you while bikepacking.


Hydrapak Stow 1 liter - Flexible bottle

Ideal lightweight flexible water storage from Hydrapak. This lightweight 1 liter water bottle weighs only 55 grams. The Hydrapak Stow flexible water bottle can be easily folded and taken with you.


Hydrapak Stow 500ml - Flexible bottle

Very lightweight and flexible water bottle from Hydrapak. This lightweight 500ml drinking bottle weighs only 43 grams. The Hydrapak Stow flexible water bottle can be easily rolled up and has a handy carrying loop and is perfect for taking some extra water or drinks with you without having to pack a large water bottle or […]


Fozzils - Snapfold Bowlz (2 pieces)

The Snapfold Bowlz from Fozzils are 2 super handy foldable bowls for on the go.


Fozzils - Snapfold Solo Pack

The Snapfold Solo Pack from Fozzils is a super light, easy solution for outdoor eating. The Solo Pack contains a cup, a bowl and a plate that is handy to use, clean and take with you.

Dit product heeft 2 variaties