Lightweight and ultralight cooking kits, burners, pans, cups and windbreaks. Cooking can be done on traditional with a gas can with burner, super lightweight with alcohol (*with a wonderfully quiet spirit burner) or on ubiquitous gasoline burners. And, of course, don’t forget the traditional wood fire. That of course includes lightweight titanium and aluminum pans. Not to mention single or extra cups and cutlery.


Titanium BOT Bowl

A nice simpel Titanium bowl that can nest under a BOT HD or to be used solo.


TOAKS - Titanium 450ml - ULTRALIGHT - 0.3mm Cup

NEW: the ultra-light 450ml titanium toaks cup is awesomely light, beautifully compact and ideal as a mini solo pan or as an extra cup. Available with a lid or without.

2 variations available


Evernew - Ti U.L. Pot 600 + 900 ml

Ideal combination with a 900 and 600ml ultralight pan set. Two super lightweight titanium pans with lids


Evernew - Titanium Cup 570FD lid

Lid for a 570ml evernew cup


Evernew - Trive Ti - crossbar

The Trive Ti from Evernew is a crossbar of "potstand" for an alcohol stove


Evernew - Titanium alcohol stove

The Evernew alcohol stove is the Japanese version of the well-known Trangia stove.


Evernew - Two-pack Egg case

A wonderfully beautiful egg basket for all those luxurious adventures!


Evernew - Neoprene Case voor TI 570 Cup

A protective case made of neoprene especially for Evernew's "Ti 570FD Cup".


Evernew - Neoprene case for Ti 500 Mug Pot

A custom neoprene protective case for the Evernew "Ti Mug jar 500"


Soto - WindMaster stove with 4Flex base - gas stove

A gas burner that also does just fine when there is a little wind, that is the SOTO windmaster stove.


Katadyn - Be Free - Waterfilter

The Katadyn BeFree is an ideal water filter for various outdoor adventures. The 0.6 liter is nicely compact and very light (the whole thing weighs only 59 grams). The 1 liter version is just a little bigger if you want to filter more water at once

2 variations available


Platypus foldable water bottle - bottle - water bag 2 liters

With this lightweight and foldable 2 liter water bottle from Platypus you can easily take enough water with you while bikepacking.


Nalgene Neoprene sleeve cover

The classic neoprene cover from Nalgene. Fits snugly around the 1 liter / 32-ounce bottle, making it easy to carry and well protected. And this cover ensures that the contents stay fresh or warm a little longer.

Original price was: €19,95.Current price is: €10,95.

JKR firesteel - fire starter

Always a good spark in all circumstances to light your burner or (always be careful) to light a fire. A firesteel or fire starter emits extremely hot sparks that ignite your alcohol burner, gas burner, gasoline burner or even your tinder. Super reliable and a must in the equipment of every bikepacker who goes on […]


TOAKS - Titanium Wood Stove Cross Bars (duo pack / 2 bars)

Specifications: Material: Titanium Weight: 0.25 oz (7g) Dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 5/8″ Origin: China Notes: Pack of 2. Can work in 4 or 6 if you have 2 or 3 packs. It is designed to work with TOAKS Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove (STV-11). It does NOT work with TOAKS Titanium Backpacking Wood Burning Stove […]


TOAKS - Stove Frame for spirit burners

Nothing very special about this "toaks stove frame", but very handy to use with your spirit burner. This lightweight pan stand easily fits in your cup and is therefore easy to take with you, it weighs practically nothing (about 25 grams). Works perfectly for different sizes of pans up to approximately 17 cm. You can easily bend the mesh for the ideal size.


TOAKS - Titanium 450ml Cup

Bringing an extra cup with your cooking set is sometimes very useful. That is why there is the Toaks titanium 450ml cup, with its compact dimensions it easily fits in, for example, a large Toaks 750ml, 650ml pan or a Woodstove. You can of course also use this 450ml as a super lightweight saucepan to […]


MSR Pocketrocket Deluxe Stove Kit

Premium lightweight cook and eat kit for 1-2 backpackers, featuring the PocketRocket Deluxe micro stove.


TOAKS - Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove - spiritus brander

The Toaks titanium siphon alcohol stove is a super light and sturdy spirit burner that is very simple to use and reliable to use. Simply fill the burner with spirit (we recommend bio-ethanol from Action or Welkoop, cheap, lots of heat and little soot formation) and light the spirit (nice and easy with a small mini bic or firesteel). The Toaks burner will catch fire almost immediately and the heat will cause the "jets" (siphons) to do their work. The alcohol is sucked in through the small tunnels on the side of the burner and provides extra targeted heat to heat the pan faster.


Hydrapak Flux bottle 1.5 liter - foldable water bottle

Ideal lightweight flexible water storage from Hydrapak. The Flux is a lightweight 1.5 liter soft bottle weighing only 97 grams.


TOAKS - Titanium 375ml Cup

If you are looking for a smaller cup for your cooking set or if you just want an ultra minimalist cooking set to heat water, then the Toaks 375ml cup – cup is a perfect option for you. Made of durable titanium without coating, this cup will last the rest of your life. Very lightweight, […]


TOAKS - Double Wall 370ml Cup Titanium

Ideal for keeping your coffee, tea or other drink warm for a little longer, this double-walled insulated cup from Toaks: the Toaks Double Wall 370ml cup


MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove combo - burner + bottle

A real all-rounder, that is the Whisperlite Universal burner from MSR. This burner can burn either gas or petrol (or a derivative thereof). Includes fuel bottle.

Original price was: €199,50.Current price is: €163,95.

GSI Outdoor - Ultralight Java Drip - coffee filter

This reusable super light coffee filter from GSI outdoor cannot be missing from our range. Weighing less than 10 grams, the Ultralight Java Drip coffee filter is perfect to carry at the bottom of your bag and use to make delicious coffee. You simply place the filter on your cup with the small legs (or […]


Nalgene wide-mouth bottle - drinking bottle - 0.5 liter

Every outdoor athlete knows the "Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle from Nalgene", but sometimes you are looking for something smaller, which is possible with the 500ml or 0.5 liter Nalgene wide mouth bottle. The Nalgene half liter is half its size. Thanks to the large cap, you can easily fill the bottle under the tap or fill it with something else (e.g. your couscous).


Titanium Windschields for Toaks Pots - Vesuv

Our favorite windshields for the Toaks pans with a diameter of 115 or 130 mm (such as the Toaks 700ml ultralight pan that is 115 mm wide or the Toaks 900ml 130mm variant).

2 variations available


BIC EZ Reach lighter

BIC EZ Reach Lighters are really ideal for lighting your spirit burner (and other things that need to be lit). The long neck prevents you from burning your fingers and makes it easy to light your burner.


120ml HDPE bottle - refillable

Perfect for your spirits/alcohol stew liquid, these 120ml bottles with screw cap. This squeeze bottle has an easy nozzle so that you can dose the liquid exactly (ideal for the small "alcohol stoves")


MSR - Titan Kettle - 900ml

The MSR Titan Kettle 900ml is perfect as a pan or kettle for anyone who wants a good, sturdy, but lightweight pan from the trusted MSR brand.


MSR - Titan Kettle - 1400ml

The MSR Titan Kettle 1400ml is perfect as a double or large pan or kettle for anyone who wants a good, sturdy, but lightweight pan from the trusted MSR brand.


Nalgene Ultralight wide-mouth drinking bottle - 1 liter water bottle - HDPE

The Nalgene Ultralight 1 liter Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle or water bottle is just a bit lighter than the standard Nalgene bottle (108 grams).


Fozzils - Snapfold Bowlz (2 pieces)

The Snapfold Bowlz from Fozzils are 2 super handy foldable bowls for on the go.