culoclean bidet

Culoclean - portable bidet

The Culoclean is a very useful lid for all kind of bottles that creates a portable bidet for your outdoor cleaning needs.

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Vargo - Dig Dig Tool (titanium scoop or herring)

The Vargo Dig Dig tool is a handy accessory that you may sometimes need during your bikepacking trips. Can be used as a scoop or as a tent peg


The Deuce #2 - #3 - Dirtsaw - Trowel Sketch - The Tentlab

The Deuce of Spades, the ground breaking (no pun intended) trowel by TentLab. The Deuce is a super light, strong and functional trowel or (poo) scoop that can also be used as a herring. Ideal for when the need is great and nature is close by.

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Simple, regular elastic with a ball

Yes, that's quite a simple piece of elastic with a ball on it... indeed. But that piece of elastic can be very useful. You can of course also make it yourself, but sometimes it is also nice and easy to order.

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GoToob+ Medium (74ml)

These small refillable bottles / tubes from GoToob are super handy and durable. You can easily carry your own shampoo, soap or other liquid products with you. You open the GoToob+ bottle from Humangear and fill it with soapy water or shampoo, for example. You can easily screw the screw cap back on the bottle after filling.