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The Deuce of Spades, the ground breaking (no pun intended) trowel by TentLab. The Deuce is a super light, strong and functional trowel or (poo) scoop that can also be used as a herring. Ideal for when the need is great and nature is close by.


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If you gotta go… then you should. And then of course you dig a small “cat hole” and that is perfectly possible with the “Dirtsaw – the Deuce” from TentLab. These ultra-light, beautifully colored aluminum (poo) scoops are super well thought out (now in their 3rd generation) and are frequently used in the backpacking and hiking world, but are also extremely useful for us bikepackers.
The Deuce trowel is available in two versions, the Deuce #2 with a weight of 17 grams and a length of 17.7 cm and its bigger brother: the Deuce #3 which weighs 27.6 grams and is 20.4 cm long.

You can use the Dirtsaw the Deuce as a shovel in different ways. View the Deuce’s extensive manual to see how to best use it. Digging is made easier by small teeth (hence the name Dirtsaw) that also easily cut through grass, roots and thick soil. A lot of thought has been given to ease of use and the Deuce has been designed accordingly. In addition to a shovel, the Deuce can of course also be used as an extra tent peg, especially in loose (or snow) surfaces. Handy if you need that extra guy line during those heavy showers.

The light weight and strength are due to the use of 7075-T6 (aircraft) aluminum and the anodized exterior not only gives the scoops a fine texture, but also a beautiful, durable color. We have the Deuce of Spades that are made in the USA or in Korea at DAC (where the best tent poles are also made).

Leave no trace!
Relieving yourself in nature does mean that you do this responsibly. Therefore, dig a cathole (that is a hole in the ground) with your shovel at least 18 cm deep (about as long as the Deuce #2) and cover the ground again after a while. If you use toilet paper, take it with you (in a loose plastic bag to throw away later) or burn it if it is responsible (and no, don’t stuff it at the bottom of the hole). Read more about it at leave no trace!

Specifications of the Dirtsaw the Deuce #2

  • Dimensions: 173mm x 64mm x 20mm
  • Weight: ~ 17.2 grams
  • Super strong, ultra-light 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Compact, strong and lightweight
  • Can also be used as a tent peg
  • Lifetime warranty

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