The Deuce #2 - #3 - Dirtsaw - Trowel Sketch - The Tentlab

The Deuce of Spades, the ground breaking (no pun intended) trowel by TentLab. The Deuce is a super light, strong and functional trowel or (poo) scoop that can also be used as a herring. Ideal for when the need is great and nature is close by.

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BoglerCo Ultralight Trowel - (scoop - herring)

If nature calls... then sometimes you have to, but do so responsibly by digging a "cathole", which is optimally done with this super light "ultralight trowel" from BoglerCo. This really incredibly light scoop only weighs ~13 grams, so there's no excuse not to throw it in your bag.

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Vargo - Dig Tool (titanium shovel or herring)

The Vargo Dig tool is one of those handy accessories that you can sometimes just need during your bikepacking trips. Use as a scoop or tent herring