High stakes - carbon tent stake - @stakes

The lightest ultralight carbon tent pegs: @stakes These high stakes have an integrated loop to easily pull the peg out of the ground. With a weight of only 3.5 grams for the 6" version and 4.5 grams for the longer 8" you will not easily find a lighter alternative.  

4 variations available


Lil buddy - 3" carbon tent stake - @stakes

Super compact and ridiculously light: lil buddy carbon tent herring from: @stakes7.5 centimeters and just over 2 grams (yes, you read that right). Ideal for those small extra points that you want to secure, such as an extra guy line. The 


Toaks Titanium V-shape stake - 6 stuks

If you are looking for a sturdy, but lightweight set of pegs, then the Toaks V-shaped pegs are ideal for you. The hardened titanium pegs have a V-shape for good grip on different surfaces, such as sand and forest floors, but are strong enough for rocky surfaces.The pegs are supplied in a set of 6 […]


Toaks Titanium peg - Hook Peg - 6 pieces

Super simple, super light, super sturdy, these Toaks Hook pegs.


Tent Stake Stuff Sacks - Ultralight & ultra-tough - Hilltop Packs

Most other companies are using a lighter fabric for their stake sacks. We wanted something tougher without adding much weight. Stakes are pointy! Your stakes are not going to puncture this stuff. Sizes 8″ Stubby Stake Sack (total length) 10″ XL Stake Sack (total length) Weight 8″ Stubby Stake Sack 0.23 ounces 10″ XL Stack […]

1 variations available


Vesuv - titanium hook tent pegs - 6 pegs

Nice and light and nice and sturdy, these ultra-light titanium pegs from Vesuv. Ideal for standard lawns in the Netherlands, but also in other hard surfaces (not rocks of course). What else can we say about them: they weigh approximately 5.5 grams per herring, have a diameter of 3 mm and are 155 mm long.


The Deuce #2 - #3 - Dirtsaw - Trowel Sketch - The Tentlab

The Deuce of Spades, the ground breaking (no pun intended) trowel by TentLab. The Deuce is a super light, strong and functional trowel or (poo) scoop that can also be used as a herring. Ideal for when the need is great and nature is close by.

8 variations available


Vargo - Dig Tool (titanium shovel or herring)

The Vargo Dig tool is one of those handy accessories that you can sometimes just need during your bikepacking trips. Use as a scoop or tent herring


Tent haring (ster)- aluminium

Light weight star tent pegs. Ideal as a spare peg for your existing set-up or to replace your own pegs. These aluminum pegs are lightweight (grams) and stay in place perfectly in most soil types due to their specific shape (star). The string at the top helps pull out the pegs. 

2 variations available