TOAKS – Light Titanium 650ml Pot (ultralight version)

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Super light yet a durable and solid cooking pan. The Toaks 650ml is an ideal size for every solo bikepacker.

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TOAKS LIGHT Titanium 650ml Pot –This ultra-light pan is made of thinner titanium (0.3mm) than the regular Toaks pans and is therefore extra light. Nevertheless, it is still a solid robust pan that is durable and long lasting. The pot comes with a lid and folding handle and comes with the signature orange mesh storage bag.
The Toaks 650ml light is ideal for anyone who pays a little more attention to their weight and does not want to carry an extra gram, but does not want to make any compromises when it comes to durability and usability. These titanium pans last for years and are rust resistant. The pan has rounded bottom corners that make it easier to clean the pan.
This pan has markings so that you can see how many milliliters are in it, nice and easy if you have to measure water for your food bag.
If you would like to take an extra cup with you, a 450ml cup also fits in this pan. Or a folded seatosummit mug.

Specifications Toaks titanium 650ml light

  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight:
    • Pot only: 60 grams
    • Pot with lid: 80 grams
  • Capacity: 650ml (675ml if you measure from the top of the pan) – 22oz
  • Dimensions:
    • internal diameter: 94.5mm
    • external diameter: 102 mm
    • height: 97mm (including lid)
  • Marked in oz and ml
  • Made in: China


  1. This ultralight pot is made of thin titanium material of 0.3mm thickness.
  2. It comes with a lid with lockable grip and a mesh sack
  3. Gradation marks in ml and oz.
  4. It can nest TOAKS Titanium 450ml Cup, 100ml gas canister.
  5. It can nest following water bottles without covering the lid: 32oz Nalgene, 38oz Nalgene stainless, 42oz Klean Kanteen.
  6. TOAKS products do not have coating.