TOAKS - Light Titanium 550ml Pot (Ultralight Version)

The Toaks 550ml titanium pot is a super light pan for the bikepacker (or hiker) who does not want to carry too much weight.


TOAKS - 750ML Titanium Pot (the classic titanium cooking cup pan)

Anyone looking for titanium pots or pans will certainly come across the Toaks 750ml titanium pot / pan. It is one of the most widely used and versatile titanium pans on the market. Low weight, super solid, transmits heat well, durable and a perfect size. You can prepare a meal in the 750ml version, but you can also simply boil water for a cup of coffee, tea or your food bag. The included lid ensures that no heat escapes and the contents boil quickly.


TOAKS - Light Titanium 650ml Pot (ultralight version)

Super light yet a durable and solid cooking pan. The Toaks 650ml is an ideal size for every solo bikepacker.


Sea To Summit - Alpha 1.1 Cookset

Looking for a complete and lightweight cooking set: The Sea To Summit Alpha 1.1 Cooking Set consists of a lightweight 1.2 liter pan, a bowl and cup. Everything you need to enjoy a tasty meal during your trail. All Alpha pans are made from a high-spec hard anodised premium aluminium, making them thin and light, yet still extremely strong and durable.