Water bottles


Platypus foldable water bottle - bottle - water bag 2 liters

With this lightweight and foldable 2 liter water bottle from Platypus you can easily take enough water with you while bikepacking.


Nalgene Neoprene sleeve cover

The classic neoprene cover from Nalgene. Fits snugly around the 1 liter / 32-ounce bottle, making it easy to carry and well protected. And this cover ensures that the contents stay fresh or warm a little longer.

Original price was: €19,95.Current price is: €10,95.

Hydrapak Flux bottle 1.5 liter - foldable water bottle

Ideal lightweight flexible water storage from Hydrapak. The Flux is a lightweight 1.5 liter soft bottle weighing only 97 grams.


Nalgene wide-mouth bottle - drinking bottle - 0.5 liter

Every outdoor athlete knows the "Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle from Nalgene", but sometimes you are looking for something smaller, which is possible with the 500ml or 0.5 liter Nalgene wide mouth bottle. The Nalgene half liter is half its size. Thanks to the large cap, you can easily fill the bottle under the tap or fill it with something else (e.g. your couscous).


Nalgene Ultralight wide-mouth drinking bottle - 1 liter water bottle - HDPE

The Nalgene Ultralight 1 liter Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle or water bottle is just a bit lighter than the standard Nalgene bottle (108 grams).