Hydrapak Flux bottle 1.5 liter – foldable water bottle

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Ideal lightweight flexible water storage from Hydrapak. The Flux is a lightweight 1.5 liter soft bottle weighing only 97 grams.

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If you want to be able to take extra water with you, but do not necessarily have to always have a large water bottle with you, then the Hydrapak Flux 1.5 liter foldable water bottle is ideal for you. This lightweight 1.5 liter water bottle weighs only 97 grams and is super easy to fold and take with you. Once empty, you can easily roll up the bottle and pack it away without taking up much space. Ideal when you are about to spend the night or have dinner and want to have some extra water with you.

The Hydrapak Flux has the shape of a hard bottle and can be compressed like a soft soft bottle. With a spill-resistant screw cap for a quick sip of drink and a handle to securely attach the bottle in your hand or on your handlebar. Double-layer film laminate construction adds structure and RF-welded soft walls provide grip without compromising compactness. The Flux has a 42mm opening for compatibility with water filters, it can be screwed onto the top so you can drink or filter directly from the bottle. Easy to clean – completely dismountable, dishwasher safe

BPA and PVC free, so no bad taste in your water (before first use, fill it with water for a day and put it in the refrigerator to ensure no aftertaste).

Specifications Hydrapak Flux 1.5 liter

  • Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Weight: 97 grams
  • Open dimensions: 295mm x 93mm
  • Color: Mammoth Gray
  • Material: Ultra-durable TPU/HDPE

Also available in a more compact Hydrapak Stow 100ml or Stow 500ml variant