Ultralight toothbrush - mini

Ultra-light, compact thumb toothbrush. The must have for the toilet kit of every real die hard gram hunter. It doesn't get lighter and more compact than this super lightweight toothbrush.

2 variations available


Compact trail toothbrush - short handle

Compact trail ready toothbrushes! Fits perfectly in your hand and in a small toiletry bag, bendable flexible handle and not as mini as our ultralight toothbrushes.


MSR Freelite 2 tent - Ultralight 2 person tent V3

Ultra-light, semi-detached, spacious enough for 2 people and also wonderful on your own with your belongings, that is the MSR Freelite 2 tent.

Original price was: €589,00.Current price is: €559,00.

MSR Freelite 1 tent - Ultralichte 1 persoons tent V3

Ultra-light, semi-freestanding, durable and solid 1-person tent, that is the MSR Freelite 1 tent V3.

Original price was: €529,00.Current price is: €469,00.

Nalgene Ultralight wide-mouth drinking bottle - 1 liter water bottle - HDPE

The Nalgene Ultralight 1 liter Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle or water bottle is just a bit lighter than the standard Nalgene bottle (108 grams).