Ultralight toothbrush – mini

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Ultra-light, compact thumb toothbrush. The must have for the toilet kit of every real die hard gram hunter. It doesn’t get lighter and more compact than this super lightweight toothbrush.


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No more sawing off handles or shortening your toothbrush (which of course you don’t do for the weight, but because it easily fits in your mini toiletry bag ;-), with this ultra-light mini toothbrush all your problems are solved! It doesn’t get more compact than this, nor does it get lighter. But more importantly, you can also really brush your teeth with it. Tried and tested on various trips by our test team (after about 10 days of intensive brushing, the best part is worn off).
This thumb toothbrush is so compact that it not only goes in our bag when we go on an adventure, but also perfect in your EDC (Every Day Carry) kit for an office day.
If you want something less hardcore, we also have a nice compact toothbrush that is included in your care kit fits.

Ultra-light toothbrush

  • Thumb model
  • Medium hardness
  • Very compact and small
    • dimensions: 72 x 22 x 15 mm
    • weight: ~ 2 grams

This super lightweight compact toothbrush can be purchased individually or as an affordable 5-pack (nice gift for your outdoor friends).