Katadyn - Be Free - Waterfilter

The Katadyn BeFree is an ideal water filter for various outdoor adventures. The 0.6 liter is nicely compact and very light (the whole thing weighs only 59 grams). The 1 liter version is just a little bigger if you want to filter more water at once

2 variations available


Platypus quickdraw microfilter water filter

Platypus Quickdraw microfilter system - waterfilter en fles

The Platypus QuickDraw microfiltration system is a water filter combined with a well-known Platypys water bottle. A lightweight and compact way to safely filter and drink water from nature when clean water from the tap is not available. Ideal for those long mountain hikes where you don't trust those crystal clear lakes or streams 100%.

2 variations available