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If you are looking for an extra long spork to scrape the last bits from the bottom of your food bag, then this Alphalight Spork from Sea To Summit is the cutlery for you.


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The Sea to summit X-mug is one of our favorite items that always finds a place somewhere in a bikepacking bag. This foldable cup usually goes at the bottom of a Toaks 750ml titanium cup or another pan, as an extra cup to drink from while you boil water in your other pan. Just like the smaller X-cup and X-seal sealable cup, the X-Mug is made of flexible silicone material. The reinforced top ring ensures that this cup is sufficiently sturdy to grip properly and drink from it easily.
Because the cup folds super flat, you can easily take it with you. The silicone material of the X-mug is BPA-free, so you will not be bothered by tastes and it is not harmful.

If the cup is flat, you can also use it as a lid for your cooking pan (if your pan is no larger than 10.5 cm).
The weight of the X-mosquito is only 60 grams and it is available in different colors.

Sea To Summit X-mosquito specifications

  • Size flat: 11 x 1.5 cm
  • Unfolded dimensions: 11 x 8 cm
  • Weight: ~ 60 grams
  • Material: BPA free silicone
  • Contents: 480ml