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In our opinion, the best synthetic-lined quilt for the enthusiastic bikepacker (hiker or outdoor athlete and even great for on the couch if the heat needs to be turned down): the Enlightened Equipment Revelation APEX Quilt! Ultralight, compact to store and wonderfully warm. And now in stock in the Netherlands without the hassle of import costs, waiting times and sky-high shipping costs.


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If you are looking for a quilt that functions well under all conditions and stays nice and warm, then you are in the right place with theEnlightened Equipment Revelation APEX Quilt. This quilt with synthetic Climashield Apex lining is not only super light and durable, but also functions well in humid conditions. The EE Revelation APEX has everything you need to sleep comfortably. The EE Revelation is a quilt, not a sleeping bag, which means it’s designed to be used with a sleeping pad as insulation underneath you, between you and the ground. The Revelation does not have a zipper over the entire length of the bag or a built-in hood, saving you weight and space.

The temperature rating of the EE quilts are limit temperatures, read all about it at: About our temperature ratings

Why do you think the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilts are one of the best sleeping bags for bikepackers?

  1. Firstly: a formidable light weight. The Synthetically lined Revelation APEX 30 weighs only ~650 grams.
  2. Pack size: These quilts compress very well into nice little packages that easily find a place in your bikepacking bag or backpack. Especially in a good compression bag. The synthetic quilts are slightly less compressible than the down version.
  3. Versatile in use: from cold nights to warm summer evenings and in humid or clammy conditions, the synthetic APEX climashield lining also functions well. By zipping the foot box, you can turn the blanket shape into a warm place for your feet. Click the quilt closed and you can stay nice and warm and even tighten the top cord. If it is warm, place the quilt over you like a blanket. If it is beautiful in the evening and you want to enjoy the stars for a while, wrap it around you like a cape and stay up a little longer to exchange cool stories with friends.
  4. Comfort: The ultra-light nylon (usually 10D) fabric feels feather-light, but is also comfortable on the skin.
  5. Made with love: designed and finished in the USA. I won’t comment on whether the country makes a difference, but what we do know is that these quilts are produced and designed with a lot of attention. By enthusiasts with business sense and a heart for beautiful outdoor sports equipment and you can feel, see and notice that.

We have chosen to make a number of types of Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilts in both down available in stock as a synthetic lining. If you are looking for a different model, please contact with us. We will then order it for you with the next delivery (average delivery time 2-4 weeks).

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt Specifications

  • Filling:
    4oz/yd² CLIMASHIELD™ APEX synthetic insulation.
    CLIMASHIELD™ APEX lining performs better in wet and humid conditions than down, dries faster and is easy to clean. The weight of CLIMASHIELD™ APEX may vary +/- 10% due to production differences.
  • Fabric:
    The outer fabric is made of lightweight Nylon 10D in the color Forest green. The lining is also a Nylon 10D (grey). The fabric has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.
  • Footbox:
    You form the footbox with a zipper. This has a length of approximately 50 cm and closes at the bottom with an elastic and press studs.
  • Other features:
    • 1/4 length zipper and adjustable foot box.
    • The included attachment system for your sleeping mat uses elastic straps and clips on both sides of the quilt. This way you can safely attach it to a sleeping mat and prevent drafts during cold nights.
    • Thanks to the neck closure with press studs and drawstring, you can also prevent drafts at the top of the quilt.
    • Includes Silnylon Stuff Sack (10 – 20 grams), 100% cotton storage bag (always hang your sleeping bag in this so that it is not compressed), and 2 Elastic Straps.
    • Filled, finished and inspected in Winona, MN. The outer cover is imported.

Dimensions EE Revelation APEX Quilt (Regular / Regular)

Revelation APEX 50F (*10C) Revelation APEX 40F (*5C) Revelation APEX 30F (*-1C)
(Regular / Regular)
Length: 192 cm
Width: 137 cm
Foot end width: 101 cm
Suitable for people with a height of up to approximately: 183cm
Weight ~ 338 grams ~ 504 grams ~ 647 grams

Dimensions EE Revelation Quilt (Long / Wide)

Revelation APEX 50F (*10C) Revelation APEX 40F (*5C) Revelation APEX 30F (*-1C)
(Regular / Regular)
Length: 213 cm
Width: 147 cm
Foot end width: 106 cm
Suitable for people with a height of approximately: 183cm (and/or restless sleepers who would like a little more space)
Weight ~ 375 grams ~ 568 grams ~ 762 grams