BRS-300t gas stove – ultralight (BRS300)

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The most affordable ultralight gas stove on the market, no frills, simple and super light.

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Well, what should we say about it. If you are looking for an ultra-light, compact and reliable burner that is also extremely affordable, then the BRS-3000t is the burner you are looking for. Known from our overseas friends, we also have it directly in stock here in the Netherlands.
An ideal burner that is easy to take with you, requires no maintenance (you may have to replace the rubber O-ring at some point) and does what it is supposed to do, burn. Perfect for quickly boiling some water for your cup of coffee or adventure meal, less suitable if you want to cook an extensive meal, because the BRS stove does not “simmer” (gently burn). If you use the burner in windy conditions, we recommend a windscreen.

This ultra-light BRS 3000t burner is made of titanium. You simply screw it onto a gas canister (which is not included, but you can order them from us) The small legs fold out and then function as a pot stand, the legs are 82mm in diameter, so suitable for pans such as the Toaks 750ml or the super light Toaks 550ml.
The burner is supplied without extra plastic packaging, but in a striking green nylon carrying bag.

BRS-3000t burner specifications

  • Weight: ~25 grams
  • Dimensions
    • folded: 52 x 37 mm
    • cut out: 82 x 60 mm
  • Material: titanium alloy
  • Suitable for screw gas canisters
  • Delivered in a nylon stuff sack