Evernew - Trive Ti - crossbar

The Trive Ti from Evernew is a crossbar of "potstand" for an alcohol stove


X-Boil FS Ultralight Edition - windshield pot stand spirit burner

Super light, super stable, super beautiful, we are very enthusiastic about the X-boil windshield. The X-boil ultralight edition is a windshield made of super thin stainless steel with special "pot hooks" to provide support for your pan. This windshield is available in two diameters: X-boil FS 75-85 ultralight editionX-boil FS 90-100 ultralight editionX-boil FS 105-115 edition

3 variations available


Crossbars - spiritus brander - pot support

Handy addition for your spirits / alcohol burner, these stainless steel cross bars or cross supports (what's in a name). You can easily slide the two separate parts together and place them on your Trangia or other spirit burner. You can then place your pan or cup on the crossbars. So small that they fit into any equipment and with a piece of aluminum foil as wind protection you have a simple and economical set-up. The space between the 3cm high legs is 55 millimeters.


Titanium Windschields for Toaks Pots - Vesuv

Our favorite windshields for the Toaks pans with a diameter of 115 or 130 mm (such as the Toaks 700ml ultralight pan that is 115 mm wide or the Toaks 900ml 130mm variant).

2 variations available