Thermarest - NeoAir XLite NXT - matras

Super nice compact sleeping mat from Thermarest; the updated Neo Air XLite NXT is an extremely comfortable sleeping mat that is comfortable, lightweight (460 grams) and can be folded nice and small (as big as a 1 liter Nalgene bottle). All in all ideal for bikepackers, backpackers and lightweight outdoor enthusiasts

3 variations available


Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm NXT slaapmat

Thermarest - NeoAir XTherm NXT - slaapmat

The new ThermaRest NeoAir Xtherm NXT is a compact, lightweight and very comfortable inflatable sleeping mat, which is also exceptionally warm. And with the NXT addition it has become even warmer, quieter and more comfortable. With an insulation value of no less than 7.6 R-value, your body heat is well retained and you do not get cold from below.

3 variations available