alcohol stove


TOAKS - Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove - spiritus brander

The Toaks titanium siphon alcohol stove is a super light and sturdy spirit burner that is very simple to use and reliable to use. Simply fill the burner with spirit (we recommend bio-ethanol from Action or Welkoop, cheap, lots of heat and little soot formation) and light the spirit (nice and easy with a small mini bic or firesteel). The Toaks burner will catch fire almost immediately and the heat will cause the "jets" (siphons) to do their work. The alcohol is sucked in through the small tunnels on the side of the burner and provides extra targeted heat to heat the pan faster.


X-Boil FS Ultralight Edition - windshield pot stand spirit burner

Super light, super stable, super beautiful, we are very enthusiastic about the X-boil windshield. The X-boil ultralight edition is a windshield made of super thin stainless steel with special "pot hooks" to provide support for your pan. This windshield is available in two diameters: X-boil FS 75-85 ultralight editionX-boil FS 90-100 ultralight editionX-boil FS 105-115 edition

3 variations available