Advice on ultralight hiking and backpacking: Backpackinglight forum

If you are an enthouasiastic backpacker looking for ways to make your gear (and especially that heavy backpack) a little lighter, the website: is a veritable gold mine of light weight information and advice. The site and especially the accompanying backpackinglight forum have become indispensable resources in the search for a lighter backpack (and for us an inexhaustible source to purchase new gear that is usually found back in our range ). The various gear reviews are incredibly valuable to learn more about that one piece of gear you’re unsure about. And on the forum you get quick answers to your questions, but I find poking around the recent backpackinglight threads sometimes just as interesting.

Why is so useful?

Expert Advice from Real Users: is filled with advice from experienced backpackers and experts in ultralight backpacking. The advice and insights are sometimes a bit focused on the U.S. market, but remain golden for anyone who wants to learn more about ultralight backpacking.

Comprehensive Articles and Reviews: you’ll find really in-depth articles (sometimes backed up with data and facts as well) and honest product reviews. This information can certainly help you make informed choices about which gear suits you best.

Active Community: The forum of is really very active and up to date. You can find basically everything and you get quick answers to your questions, furthermore a lot of advice is shared (about gear, but also about itineraries (though mostly in the USA)).

Membership, moet ik hiervoor betalen?

Not all content is available, there are some articles that are behind a paywall. Pretty annoying, but if you are serious about finding content. Especially if you are planning a thru-hike in the US and want to know more about it, it might be worthwhile to get a paid membership on the website. I don’t know the exact price, but I still think it’s worth it. You then have access to a number of online courses, webinars and additional articles.

Backpackinglight handbook

An incredibly useful reference work (that could use another update) is Backpackinglight handbook. You get it when you subscribe to the backpackinglight newsletter, but you can also find it here: backpackinglight handbook