Culoclean – portable bidet

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The Culoclean is a very useful lid for all kind of bottles that creates a portable bidet for your outdoor cleaning needs.


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Want to feel nice and clean when on the trail, than a Culoclean might be just the solution for you. Just pop the Culo clean on top of any of your bottles. Squeeze the bottle and it will squirt a nice fresh splash of water. CuloClean is compatible with most plastic bottles on the market. It is specially designed so that it fits in the two most common diameters.
The Culoclean bottle cap is durable and ecological choice over toilet paper and other throw away products.
We use the Culo clean not just for our undercarriage but it is also very useful when water usage is an issue. You can safely use it to spray some water on your face in the morning, clean your toothbrush and loads of other uses. But we like it most to clean our bum, very easy, very simple 😉