Vargo - Triad - titanium spirit brander

The Vargo Triad remains our favorite all-in-1 spirit burner. Super light and strong because it is made of ultralight, high-quality titanium. Nice small pack size and the folding legs that keep the burner off the ground and serve as pot stands, make this a perfect solution for the bikepacker who occasionally wants to warm up or make a cup of coffee on the go.


Vargo - alcohol fuel bottle - fuel bottle for spirits

A nice sized fuel bottle (250ml) and easy to use. With this alcohol fuel bottle from Vargo you can easily take the fuel for your spirit burner with you on your next adventure. You can easily fill your burner using the “flip-top” spout. The fuel bottle is made of polyurethane container and is leak-proof.


Vargo 'BOT' Bottle Pot Titan 1L

Luxury, more luxurious, super deluxe: the Vargo BOT is the most luxurious and versatile titanium pan, cup, pot, storage, lockable titanium pan with lid available. So no longer take a drinking bottle and pot with you, but use the Vargo BOT in which they are combined. The 'bot' is a comfortable and liquid-tight drinking bottle or pan with a screw cap.

Original price was: €179,00.Current price is: €149,00.

Vargo Aluminum wind screen for burners

This small and extremely lightweight aluminum windshield with five elements has been specially developed for use with small spirit burners, such as the Vargo Triad and the lightweight alcohol stove. Small openings at the top and bottom provide sufficient air supply for the burner to function properly, but are not too large for the wind to have much influence on the burner.

3 variations available