TOAKS - Titanium Long Handle Spork of Spoon met Polished Bowl

With the long handle of this Toaks titanium long handle spork (fork, spoon) or spoon (spoon), you can easily reach the bottom of the largest food bag or in a deep pan. The polished head feels much nicer than a regular rougher titanium spoon and also looks very cool!

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TOAKS - Titanium Spork

A must-have for your bikepacking or outdoor trips where you eat something along the way: the Toaks titanium spork. Light weight, durable and multifunctional


TOAKS - Titanium Foldable Spork

The Toaks titanium fodable spork,is a titanium spork, with a folding handle, super light (just 18 grams), nicely compact (95mm folded) and with a polished head