TOAKS - 750ML Titanium Pot (the classic titanium cooking cup pan)

Anyone looking for titanium pots or pans will certainly come across the Toaks 750ml titanium pot / pan. It is one of the most widely used and versatile titanium pans on the market. Low weight, super solid, transmits heat well, durable and a perfect size. You can prepare a meal in the 750ml version, but you can also simply boil water for a cup of coffee, tea or your food bag. The included lid ensures that no heat escapes and the contents boil quickly.


Vargo 'BOT' Bottle Pot Titan 1L

Luxury, more luxurious, super deluxe: the Vargo BOT is the most luxurious and versatile titanium pan, cup, pot, storage, lockable titanium pan with lid available. So no longer take a drinking bottle and pot with you, but use the Vargo BOT in which they are combined. The 'bot' is a comfortable and liquid-tight drinking bottle or pan with a screw cap.

Original price was: €179,00.Current price is: €149,00.