Hook release strap - Sea To Summit

A more traditional, but certainly very high-quality and extremely strong strap is this webbing strap from Sea To Summit with an anodized aluminum hook/buckle. This lightweight hook and slide release allows you to quickly loosen the band or tighten the strap. Ideal for larger loads because these straps have a length of 1, 1.5 or 2 meters. With a minimum load capacity of 100 kg, these straps can withstand a lot of abuse and abuse. These straps can also be used ideally for packrafting / bikerafting. By using the hook at the buckle you can easily attach a dry bag or bicycle to your packraft and also disassemble it very quickly.

5 variations available


Strap extra strong - Sea To Summit - tension strap

A strap or tension strap as it was originally designed, but with a super strong lightweight aluminum buckle. These SeaToSummit straps can handle a lot and have a very high load capacity of 125 or 200 kg. Perfect for larger loads on your bike because these straps have a length of one meter. These straps are also perfect for use in packrafting / bikerafting

5 variations available