alcohol stove stand


Pot stand – pan support for spirit burner

Pot stand - pan support for spirit burner

Ultra lightweight pot stand - pan stand for use with the lightweight spirit burners. Super simple construction of stainless steel rods, suitable for pans up to 1000ml (or a diameter of 7 cm to 11 cm. This 3 legged pot stand is approximately 65mm long and 40mm high, perfect for use with the 20ml or 30ml burner. Weighs only 5 grams.


X-Boil FS Ultralight Edition - windshield pot stand spirit burner

Super light, super stable, super beautiful, we are very enthusiastic about the X-boil windshield. The X-boil ultralight edition is a windshield made of super thin stainless steel with special "pot hooks" to provide support for your pan. This windshield is available in two diameters: X-boil FS 75-85 ultralight editionX-boil FS 90-100 ultralight editionX-boil FS 105-115 edition

3 variations available