120ml HDPE bottle - refillable

Perfect for your spirits/alcohol stew liquid, these 120ml bottles with screw cap. This squeeze bottle has an easy nozzle so that you can dose the liquid exactly (ideal for the small "alcohol stoves")


Vargo - Triad - titanium spirit brander

The Vargo Triad remains our favorite all-in-1 spirit burner. Super light and strong because it is made of ultralight, high-quality titanium. Nice small pack size and the folding legs that keep the burner off the ground and serve as pot stands, make this a perfect solution for the bikepacker who occasionally wants to warm up or make a cup of coffee on the go.


Vargo - alcohol fuel bottle - fuel bottle for spirits

A nice sized fuel bottle (250ml) and easy to use. With this alcohol fuel bottle from Vargo you can easily take the fuel for your spirit burner with you on your next adventure. You can easily fill your burner using the “flip-top” spout. The fuel bottle is made of polyurethane container and is leak-proof.


100ml HDPE bottle - refillable (ideal for spirits / alcohol fuel)

These 100ml squeeze bottles with screw cap are ideal for your spirits/ethanol burner fluid. You can place the supplied nozzle on the bottle so that you can dose the liquid exactly (ideal for the small "alcohol stoves")