Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt ultralight

Enlightened Equipment - Enigma - quilt | 20F / -6C

The Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt 20F is an incredibly versatile all-around quilt that is plenty warm to around freezing *with the right mat. The EE Enigma is the lightest and most minimalist quilt from American Enlightened Equipment.

11 variations available


Enlightened Equipment - Revelation - quilt | 20F / -6C

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20F / -6C quilt is the all round quilt that you can use well over the 3 seasons. The 20F version is a comfortably warm to about -1C. In our opinion the best quilt for the avid backpacker, hiker or outdoor enthousiast and even great for on the couch when the heater needs to be turned down a degree! Ultralight, super compact packsize and wonderfully warm and fluffy. And now in stock in the Netherlands without the hassle of import costs, waiting times and sky-high shipping costs.

18 variations available