Care Plus


Care Plus - Bio Soap - All in 1 soap - 100ml

With Care Plus Bio Soap, you can wash anything. You can use it not only for washing body and hair. Even dirty clothes and dishes are always "clean" with Care Plus Bio Soap.


Care Plus - Emergency Blanket (rescue blanket)

The Care Plus Emergency Blanket protects against cold or heat in emergency situations.


Care Plus - Anti-Insect Deet 40% spray - 15 ml

Mosquitoes and other buzzers are unfortunately sometimes annoying during our trips. But you would rather not take a large can of anti-insect with you, which is why we now have the small 15ml Anti-insect Deet spray cans from Care Plus. You can easily put this in your backpack and you have perfect protection against insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks.