About us

About us

After nearly 8 years of operating bikepackingshop.nl, we realized that not all our customers are bikepackers. We attracted a diverse group including backpackers, hikers, bushcraft enthusiasts, expedition participants, and motorcycle lovers, all united by our passion for quality lightweight or even ultralight outdoor gear. This realization led to the creation of a new branch of our company: Lightweight Outdoor. Our goal is to assist everyone, regardless of their background or preferred activity, with the best lightweight gear.

Our story

Our story

I have always loved the outdoors, and I’ve always had a soft spot for great functional gear. I started mountain biking in my teens, and when I rediscovered it in my late twenties, I was bitten by the ‘weight weenie’ bug. This lightweight virus gradually spread through my entire gear collection, shedding the heavy stuff and replacing it with lighter gear, where functionality is always important. In 2016, while working as a freelance photographer and journalist, I was challenged by a bikepacking bag importer who believed that online selling would never work. That is how bikepackingshop.nl was started. As an avid ultraracer I am constantly looking for great compact and ultralight gear to improve my set-up. I get a lot of inspiration from thru-hikers, ultrarunners and long-distance hikers. These products are of course usable not only for a bikepacker, but for everyone who loves lightweight outdoor gear. That is why growing from bikepacking to lightweight and ultralight outdoor gear only seemed like a logical step. We hope you enjoy the things we carry as much as we do! Happy trails!!

Tried & tested

As a true gear nerd, I try to test and  use the things we sell in our shop in as many real life situations as we can. That means taking it on a bikepackingtrip, in our backpack during an overnight micro adventure or during an ultra-race. And if I haven’t tested it, it has been tried out or recommended by a trusty inner circle of equal minded outdoor enthousiast (you know who you are 😉 )

And I know by experience how important it is to have gear you can trust. I participate regulary in ultra bikepacking races, like the Atlas Mountain Race and the Trans Balkan Race. In those kind of conditions you have to be able to totally rely on your equipment. Besides that, you don’t want to carry too much, because weight is something you don’t like to haul around (especially not up those mountains). The same goes for pack size, big bulky volume things are just a pain to stow away in your bag.

We have plenty of used and abused gear in our headquarters  and I am more than happy to share my experience and discuss what gear would suit you for your next adventure.


We are opened by appointment only. Just send us a message or call to arrange something.

Phone: 06 43 92 05 67

We are located close to the A28 in the little town of De Wijk. 25 (car)minutes above Zwolle. We don’t have a fancy shop just our nice headquarters in our garden.


Our company info:

Moss Gear bv
Trading names: Bikepackingshop | Lightweight Outdoor
Molenstraat 45
7957CH, De Wijk
The Netherlands

VAT nr: NL864484288B01
Chamber Of Commerce nr: 88038599 

What is Moss Gear bv?

“Moss Gear bv” is the company behind the Bikepackingshop and Lightweight Outdoor, both of which are our trading names. This structure simplifies our operations, enabling us to scale our business and venture into exciting new outdoor markets. For instance, we’ve developed our own brand of ultralight outdoor products, marketed under the name ‘Moss Gear’. Sounds like a big deal, but just easy to organize it that way (at least that’s what our accountant said 😉 )