Nalgene wide-mouth bottle - drinking bottle - 0.5 liter

Every outdoor athlete knows the "Original Wide-Mouth drinking bottle from Nalgene", but sometimes you are looking for something smaller, which is possible with the 500ml or 0.5 liter Nalgene wide mouth bottle. The Nalgene half liter is half its size. Thanks to the large cap, you can easily fill the bottle under the tap or fill it with something else (e.g. your couscous).


Nalgene wide-mouth bottle - drinkfles - 0.5 liter

Iedere buitensporter kent wel  "Original Wide-Mouth drinkfles van Nalgene", maar soms zoek je net iets kleiners, dat kan met de 500ml oftewel de 0,5 liter Nalgene wide mouth fles. De Nalgene halve liter is de helft van zijn grote  Dankzij de grote dop vul je de fles heel eenvoudig onder de kraan of vul je hem met iets anders (bv je couscous)